Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it happened

four weeks ago.
i'm so proud of that boy.

we met in ninth grade
after i went to a concert with my cousin and his best friend (Justin's brother)
and i decided that was a good way to break the ice.
and he's been like family ever since.

him leaving has reminded me of the best parts of the last five years.
it was a bittersweet see ya later for me, and i think he picked up on that.
i worry a little that we won't be as close in two years, 
but then i remember that he's Justin, 
so it will work out just fine.
besides, i stocked up on enough Justin hugs to last until 2014.

from his first letter:
"I'm learning so much about myself here at the MTC.  It's crazy how much it tests your limits.  
Limits of faith, patience, diligence, Cebuanoness, how much you can eat, 
and how well you play beach volleyball.  But it's been a great learning experience."

he also said he wouldn't mind if i stalked him at the temple.

he loves it.
but he's still him.
and i love that.


  1. the good ol' missionary days. i miss them dearly. take it all in. as sad as you are to say goodbye, cherish the letters. i miss writing my missionary friends so much.

  2. I love this. I love your blog. and I love YOU!
    Miss yo face.


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