Monday, September 3, 2012

surfin' usa

Two months ago I had a twice in a lifetime* experience.  I had every intention of spelling out every detail, but I just couldn't put it into words.  Then I was semi-unplugged (meaning I didn't have my computer and was attached to my phone) for the month of August, so it never got done.

On the fourth of July, my very favorite holiday, I saw The Beach Boys, my very favorite band.

My dearest Rachel invited me to the Stadium of Fire after her sister won tickets!

Basically, this is how it happened:
We go sit down in the middle of all these old people.
I get a broken chair.
Scotty McCreery opens.  Hey, I never noticed how cute he is.  Good thing I'm on a country kick.
Ryan Innes wins a battle of the two bands.  Love him.

It gets darker, and then finally, my Boys come out.

They start playing a song.  I wish I could remember the set.

Like, I sob.
And then I control myself.
But I am literally shedding tears the whole time they are playing.

It was the best night of my life.  For real.
If you want to see some probably not so legal video footage, hit me up.

*I first saw The Beach Boys in 2001.  They were my first concert!  I actually tried really hard to figure out a way to attend a show on their reunion tour this summer, but it just didn't work out.  But then it did.

The day before was spent celebrating the Centerville way.  Fireworks and food.  
And homemade cream soda.  
And a parade.  
And cute kids.  

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