Friday, July 27, 2012

i actually did some things a long time ago.

For McClane's birthday at the beginning of July, I sent him a box of sunshine.
It was random and mostly yellowish.  In theory it was awesome, 
and I wonder if he even got it, but I felt like I was being happy & supportive.

Then Maddy and I joined (several times) our dear friend Daniel to pick raspberries in his back yard.
I may have spent just as much time playing with Lily the sweetest dog as picking, but that's how I roll.
We took those millions of raspberries to Smithfield 
where we babysat & I made my first ever batch of jam!
I'm pretty much a domestic goddess now. 
(Also, freezer jam is the easiest thing ever.)
We also had some Aggie Blue Mint, cause how can you not?

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