Friday, October 26, 2012

ladies doing stuff, ep. 2

I should not be allowed to think I'm this funny.  


  1. Oh my hilarious!!! you are actually really funny on camera....keep them coming!!

  2. The beard thing made me laugh. It is really nice about the academic honesty thing. I went to a different school before BYU and all of my classes kept raising how high an A was because so many people were cheating. Of course, I didn't find this out until I was still studying for my final at 4 AM and saw one of my classmates who told me everyone cheated in our class.

    It epically sucked because an A (there were no minuses on grades..) was like a 96-100 and it really sucked because I made a B in the class while everyone who cheated made As.

    Moving on...this actually made me laugh a lot. Have you liked any of your classes a lot or any luck on thinking about what you may like for a major?

    (The marriage percentage at graduation is only 25%, however, with missionaries going in at different ages...I'm curious what will happen.)

    Long comment...


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