Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i can choose my own capital letter

Last night I had the privilege to hear human rights activist Jen Marlowe speak.
She is awesome. I mean, anybody who just does exactly what they want to do is awesome.
This is her passion.
She was even deported from Bahrain last July.

I want to be deported!
I loved everything she said, but my very favorite thought of the night was that people often talk about
"refugees with a capital R, and victims with a capital V,"
but that can't be right.

Humankind has been victimized, but no one is Victim.

We must remember that people are a whole, and while life can suck rocks, we are so many things! 

So, I'm going to choose my own capital letter.

Because I am not Lazy,
I am not Failing College Student, 
and I am not Victim.

I am Erin.


  1. I love this. You ARE Erin!

  2. A fantastic kiddo! Love you! Mom


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