Monday, June 3, 2013

I am really good at this.
If someone was to ask me about my talents, one of the only things I could say is that I've learned to
say no.

I do not do things that I don't want to do.
I've gotten a little too good at this?
Like, I think it's inhibiting my growth a little.

I'm good at keeping myself happy, 
but it's limited some of my experiences (cause I'm scared).


Also, every personality test I take says I'm an extrovert.
I was positive that that had changed since I went to college.
But it didn't. I'm actually on the E/I line on the Meyer's Briggs test.
Anyway, that really helps my talent.
I'm good at being alone. I don't mind much if people do things without me.
I do enjoy meeting new people, but it helps to have a wingman.
But then I get lost behind that wing.
I'm not loud enough to be heard.

Just having some thoughts about change.


  1. see, i'm good at being alone but i sometimes mind when people do things without me. even if i had no intention of joining in, i still want the invite. i'm totally with you on the wingman thing, being behind the wing is always easier and then in the end i regret it because once again i was too awkward/scared to make a new friend. i feel like we would help each other be equals instead of hiding behind wings.

  2. Learning to say no definitely does NOT come naturally to me...but I am getting better at it! I used to be more of an extrovert and have made a pretty big switch in the last few years and grown to love my alone time in a big way. I think it's been good to help me be brave enough to move to California alone :)


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