Monday, January 6, 2014


In November through last week, I worked a lot. 
Holy holidays in retail. People are insane.
And I was tired. But it was mostly fun.

Other things that happened:

+ My coworker and I took pics with Santa at the mall, obvi.

+ I said goodbye to some sister missionaries.
We have some amazing Sisters here in DC South, 
and Tori will be pretty cool in CA I guess.
No more Sunday School snapchatting for me.

+ My sister got me Pitch Perfect, fleece lined leggings, and the cutest Anthro mug,
so I need literally nothing else to live.

+ I spent Christmas with my favorite cousins in Virginia & it was so perfect and fun.

+ The week after Christmas I got enough time off to go home!
I baked, slept, and played with the dog. It was the best.
We also went to the farm (!!!) and I over-snapchatted it.
It's seriously gorgeous, though.


aaaaaand that basically brings us to now.

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