Tuesday, December 3, 2013

my nieces like to steal my phone and take super artistic photos.
+ i love my flannel.
it recently ripped on the elbow
(because it's ridiculously & perfectly soft & worn),
so it's time to explore my local thrift shops.

+ i'm getting really good at taking power naps in between jobs.

+ speaking of, the irony:
at one job i smell like fetal pigs,
and at the other i smell like all of the good smells.
also, i love working for bath & body.
it really is a blast, and i never thought i'd say that about retail.

+ because of the holiday craziness, i had about $100 dollars extra this week.
should have saved it, but i got home tonight and spent about $175 of it...
i can't say no to free shipping.
i don't even care.
i deserve it.

+ i've had a few really interesting conversations about being mormon since i've been here.
by interesting, i mean hilarious and slightly concerning.
also, i should tell you about the differences in the single's ward. 
oh my.

+ i'm constantly too tired to do/say/write anything coherently.
except think about where i need to travel asap.

+ i want a puppy.


  1. I was such a great napper in between jobs. I can rock a nap in my car in a Starbucks parking lot like no one's business!


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