Thursday, April 3, 2014

bison or buffalo?

my second full day in utah was kind of great.
i played with babies some more.
i had a fro yo lunch all by myself.
and i went to antelope island!

i lived in utah for 6 years and had only been to antelope island once!
all i remember is that it was october, so it was gorgeous,
but it was also real cold, and we thought it was a good idea to stick our feet in the great salt lake.

this time, however, was amazing.
i might have begged mother nature for perfect spring weather on this trip, 
and she definitely came through. 

we took pictures with the antelope and the bison,
climbed some rocks for the best view ever, 
lassoed/got lassoed at the ranch house, 
played "guess the bon iver song" (new favorite game, for reals),
and talked about life and the future and basically all the good things
cause it was so ridiculously beautiful that i could not get over it.
 for your enjoyment:
 i could have leaned out of the window and stroked this beast, it was so close.
 i found this terrifying gem in the house on the ranch.

do yourself a favor and go visit before it gets too hot!
and then tell me about it cause i'll be so proud,
but don't give me too much detail cause i might be sad.

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  1. So, basically, I forgot blahgs where a thing and then I remembered and now I have been blogstalking you for infinity and I couldn't be happier. Miss youuuu <3


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