Tuesday, April 1, 2014

i took myself on vacation

i went to utah!
it was sort of a birthday/boredom/i have skymiles trip. 
and it really did need to happen. so happen it did!

i had a layover at jfk on the way there, which was a little funny to me because i've never been to nyc (but i'm going this month!) so this was my first look. the airport is self is a little crazy. i arrived about 3 gates down from my departing gate, so i didn't do a whole lot of exploring, but i did buy this lunch right here for $19. yay new york food? it's not even real new york food! i'll feel better about paying that much when i'm not sitting in an airport. the juice was delish though. i could totes get into juice. not pictured: the smell. the ipad booths (nyc is too fancy for regular seating at gates. the abundance of power outlets was appreciated, however). the jacket sitting next to me that magically turned into a sleeping woman. me peeing in a nasty bathroom while holding my coat, bag, and pillow. the young hipster drinking some cocktail with maraschino cherries, and probably writing poetry while we waited for our flight. the most magical beard. me staring at everyone who could maybe be famous. it was obviously a memorable experience.
so then i got to utah and my lovely cousin megan picked me up from the airport (on her & her boyfriend's one year anniversary! she's the nicest). then i surprised the rest of the fam! it was the best ever. i really decided to do that just because it would be fun for me and i need some fun, but it ended up being perfect for all parties involved. anyway, a lot of crying happened that night, and it was wonderful.
waking up to the mountains was pretty sweet.
i started the morning by surprising more family and snugging babies.
then, i made kyle come have lunch with me and it was the very best.
i miss my best friends so much.
then i surprised my karlie's family. if i can't have her, they're the second best.
but really they're all the best.
i am so lucky to have such great people.
the rest of my day was spent surprising one more bff, 
a trip to target, 
and perfect park weather.

also, i drove my old car around all week (thanks, maddy!) 
and was seriously nostalgic about all the things.

you have to wait for the rest cause i'm tired and it took me 2 weeks to write this. xo

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