Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm bringing hankies back,

but I'm not used to carrying them around yet.  Today would have been the perfect day.

In Young Women's, our Bishop came in and told us to make sure we and all the other sisters stayed for Sacrament because we were going to have a special visitor.  I could hardly concentrate for the next hour and a half because we were all so excited.  I didn't know who it was, but I could sense the Spirit coming stronger as we drew nearer to that meeting.

My aunt was also speaking, so Maddy and I were sitting together waiting for it to start.  Someone told me who was coming, but I didn't dwell on it too much because I didn't want to be disappointed.  Suddenly the whole congregation stood.  As we peered around heads, we saw President Eyring walk into the chapel.  That's when I needed my hankie.  Maddy and I both started crying and it took a long time before that and the excitement died down enough to focus.  

My favorite thing he said was that after President Monson's call to action for more missionaries during last conference, the church really did have a surge of new missionaries.  It was so special to be so close to him because during the other talks you could see how much he was enjoying it.  He grinned and laughed, and pondered and cried.  During the intermediate hymn, I looked up and saw him crying, and then he looked at me and I started crying!  I couldn't finish the song.

Anyways, it was a really sweet experience.  :)

From 500 Days:

Summer: You always wanted to write greeting cards?
Tom: No, I don’t even want to do it now.
Summer: Well you should do something else then.
Tom: Yeah. I studied to be an architect, actually.
Summer: You did that’s cool. What happened there?
Tom: Didn’t work out. I needed a job and here we are.
Summer: You any good?
Tom: Well, um, I wrote this one.
Summer: “Today, you’re a man. Mozeltoff on your bar mitzvah.”
Tom: It’s a big seller.
Summer: I meant as an architect.
Tom: Yeah… I doubt it.
Summer: Well, you’re a, perfect adequate greeting card writer.
Tom: Thank you. That was actually my nickname in college. They called me perfectly adequate Hansen.

If anyone has connections with JGL, hook a sister up.  Can you imagine him saying, "Tomorrow you're a woman.  Congrats on being born."?  Yes, please.
Tomorrow, I'm an adult.  I don't care about technicalities.  I'm 18 and I can act civilized, so there.  

To make you happy and make you think about Mr. Gorgeous, I'll leave you this little gem on my almost birthday.

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