Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jean's Dream Machine 2012

In exactly two weeks and one day, the last of my more manly friends will be leaving on his LDS mission to the Philippines. (see previous goodbyes here)

I've been telling everyone lately what an awkward time of life this is!  It's not that I don't want to make friends with men older than me (trust me, I do), but it's just that all of the sudden, these boys I grew up with are all gone, and I'm trying to replace them one by one.  I don't necessarily want to, but it needs to happen.  

To celebrate his growing up and our freaking out, we road tripped it to Bear Lake this weekend!  I had never been, so at the beginning of the summer I causally suggested that we go.  Then all the sudden we were making plans, buying food, and test driving the Party Bus/Jean's Dream Machine!

We headed up Friday night after the Bountiful Parade (which I did not know existed until this week.  Pioneer Day just isn't a deal in FL, okay?!), but it lasted a lot longer than anticipated. However, we just had to stay and watch all our boys march with their fellow "2,000 Stripling Warriors."  I'm pretty sure I would have been more excited about it if I wasn't crabby about waiting to see the lake.  
 We watched them walk by twice and it took a long time.  
One day we'll find out if 2,000 of them actually showed up.
 We finally left and I took up residence as DJ.  Everybody loved it I'm sure.  Karlie took a nap because she works hard during the week making sure her pre teen campers don't die.  She's the best.  
Luckily, she slept through a scary tale about the abandoned nunnery in Logan Canyon, that Justin thought would be good to relate at 11 pm whilst driving through said canyon.  Awesome.
 We dropped by Rachel's brother-in-law's condo to get directions to the property.  At 12.30 am we pitched our tents in a beautiful meadow, then decided the bottle opener in the van needed to be used.  That moment, sitting in a crazy van with an IBC and some of my best friends, was perfect.  
I'm pretty positive that set the mood for the rest of the weekend.
Saturday we partied on the boat all day long.
Karlie was the most photogenic and beautiful of us all.  Even after getting wet.
 Justin got up on the water skis for the first time and became a real Keate!  We are so proud of him.  Karlie made a valiant effort, and I decided to be lazy.  I was raised on a sailboat, so even when I get the chance to be on a party boat, I can't help but just relax and enjoy the sun and wind.
 For the record, I did spend a good amount of time bobbing in our homemade waves in my dead baby life jacket.  The water never felt better.  And as the palest one in attendance, I feel it important to mention that I was the only one to come away without a sunburn.
Saturday night, we may have made Justin light his own birthday candles and barely managed to squeak out "happy birthday!"  Oh, wait. That was just me.  I managed to go from happy & tired to so sick in about 2 minutes.

Sunday morning I made everybody wake up earlyish so we could get out of there and back home so I could shower and make it to church to hear my sister speak in my aunt's ward (twist!). 

Once I had a good long nap and actually thought about the crazy weekend I just had, I couldn't believe how wonderful it was.  As my dear uncle always says, it was "a little slice of heaven."

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