Wednesday, March 20, 2013

and then all my friends were missionaries

Slowly, but surely, everyone I know is leaving me. 
It's awesome.

Jill went into the MTC at the end of January.
She's in NORWAY now.
We skyped the day before she left to pretend that we were still living together.
That's probably the best picture of us together, ever.

My oldest nephew Austin left the beginning of February and is now in MEXICO!
Tears and guilt from this proud aunt who has yet to write him.

My dearest Kar Kar left me exactly one month ago today.
Soon the people of CALIFORNIA will have her, 
and love her just as much as I do.
(I had this whole bff photo thing planned, then we cried, so...)

2nd roomie Jess left for the SPAIN MTC on Monday.
Ooh, this girl is ready. I'm not even worried about her one bit.

I think I love missionary letters as much as my missionaries do.
My favorite Justin sent me a birthday letter all the way from the Philippines!
In this letter I found out that he contracted Dengue Fever in November and nobody told me.
I was freaking out for days and telling all our friends, and everyone already knew.
Maybe they thought I would overreact?
He was only in the hospital for a week, guys.

Anyway, it was a solid letter. 
The best part is that last week, the Church changed its policy
(pretty sure this is now Church-wide, and not just by mission) 
and now all missionaries can email their friends (time permitting, of course)!
So next time anybody is in the hospital, I might find out before they're dead.

I am so proud of all my friends. It's kind of amazing what we're witnessing in the Church right now.
I will also take this opportunity to answer everybody's question: I would love to, but not right now.

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