Sunday, November 3, 2013

best sunday

I was five minutes late to church this morning.
That hasn't happened before (and shouldn't since my ward doesn't start until 2:30),
but I walked in at the awkward point when the hymn wasn't over,
but I still hadn't sat down when the prayer began. 
So I sat by myself and I was feeling really awkward about it because there were
four rows of people behind me sitting by themselves also.

But then we were singing and the fire alarm went off.
A few verses in we decided we should maybe go outside.
And then the firetruck showed up, which was really exciting for some little boys hanging around.

It was pretty chilly outside, but SO beautiful. 
When the angry elf firemen left 15 minutes later, the alarm was still blaring.
I still don't know why they left? I guess it wasn't their problem.
We decided to finish the Sacrament and then head to the bishops house to have food early. 
You know we were all excited about that.
We gathered under some trees in the parking lot and stood in fake pew rows, 
and it was kind of awesome.
We were reminded that we would probably never have sacrament in the parking lot again.
That's true, but I wish it wasn't, because it was perfect.
And then I read Austenland tonight which gave me maybe one too many feels, but that's fine.

I would like to clarify that missing church was not cause for the best Sunday, but you know it helped a little. 
It was just a really great fall day.

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