Sunday, November 10, 2013

how do people buy homes and live in them for 30 years? 
that's something i really cannot even fathom. now, or ever, it seems like.

that's a huge commitment! 
being somewhere, and really being there (to maintain sanity) forever.

i'm not good at being somewhere. maybe i'm better than i think?
but i just really want to be everywhere right now.
i got these moccs in west yellowstone, where i would kill to be right now. but they take me on errands in the beautiful fall weather (even though i'd like a bit of utah fall too), and they take me to the playground with my niece.

in high school, whenever i needed to chill out and calm down, i would go swing.
sometimes with friends, sometimes by myself.

it still helps. there's something weirdly reflective about swinging at a park.
and that day i thought about being.

and i'm really glad i can be here right now.

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  1. i LOVE those moccs! p.s. i would love to hear the background to your blog's name!


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