Wednesday, October 9, 2013


+ it's possible to have a testimony without living it. but don't. now is the time to become truly converted. and then we converted again and again and again. (oscarson)

+ it's hard to endure with a weak testimony. gotsta get my spirit in shape. (maynes)

+ satan will use guilt to lure you into his "power." you know you have a guilty conscious, so watch out. we all need the atonement. share truths every day. (scott)

*commercial break to wonder if any man will speak about me like pres. monson does of frances. prolly not. 

+ do not rebel, but question and learn and discuss. do good things and never underestimate your power. also, i would like for my house to be more than "grandma's house." that felt weird to me. (cook)

+ this is exactly what i wrote in my journal: attend all your mtgs, yo. even lame YSA stuff... (hamilton)

+ we don't know everything. priesthood holders need to ask women for help with more than food and babysitting. we know stuff. (andersen)

+ make sure you have a personal, spiritual experience with material before teaching it. (mcconkie)

+ the aging process is a gift. this Gospel is a gospel of Christ's love. (nelson)
there were a few things i didn't share, but that i really appreciated feeling & hearing at this point in my life. i feel reassured, and also something else that i can't quite put my finger on. can you be sad about being relieved about something? i don't know. maybe we'll talk about those things one day.

but do you ever get really sad when the prophet is all "see ya in six months" and you realize the countdown started over and that's a long time? oh.

maybe it's just cause i have to wait that long for cinnamon rolls. ours were pumpkin.

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