Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I started my new job 8 days ago.
Training is three solid weeks of me using my brain more than I did in college. All day, every day.
Except for weekends. And today.

The point is, I'm tired, but slightly less stressed than I was 8 days ago. We're all good.

Today I get to do all the things I don't have time to do for the next week and a half.
Like running. And getting my pool pass! And trying to figure out what to pack for lunch.
I'm also planning to get a mall massage and a pedicure, cause treat yo self.

Here's my problem with pedicures: the exact same conversation occurs every time.
"Why are your nails so short/little?"
"That's just how they are."
"You should grow them out."
"They don't really get any longer than that (also, that's gross)..."
*continues staring at my toes*
"So can I get a discount for my baby toes?'
*various death stares*

I guess I'm not funny.


  1. I think you're funny. And i miss you

  2. I am so proud that I have actually seen that episode of Parks and Rec. (also just finished the fifth season on Netflix and now have no life...) I love you. You are so good.


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