Saturday, January 29, 2011

the new MJ

I have the coolest brother ever.
I can say this because I only have one,
but if I had another, he'd have to be seriously awesome to be as cool as Mike.

Occasionally, my brother and his darling family come to Utah to visit (which I love love love) and when he came this summer, he got me hooked on Mason Jennings.

My cousin Megan is fantastic, just like her taste in music, and she pretty much idolizes my brother because he's "so cool!"  So they just talk and share music and I like to listen in.  It's adorable.

So, Mason Jennings is this dad who loves his music.  It's raw, and real, and beautiful.
Here's one I've loved since the beginning:

and one that is nice for me right now:


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  1. Agreed on the coolest brother ever comment. Seriously, could he be any more awesome?!


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