Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1 & 2

we already know how much i loved what i learned from elder hales.
these are a few of my favorite insights mostly from saturday:

+ exercise roles in relationships righteously & awesomely. aka, be the best daughter, sister, aunt, friend ever. (stephens)

+ gratitude is a spiritual gift, but we have to practice it to gain it. (bednar)

+ members of the Church are not perfect. the culture is not perfect. but Christ and His Gospel are perfect & His doctrine is pure. there is a place for everyone in the Church, but in this case, we need to practice what we preach. (uchtdorf)

+ seek truth & righteousness. and if you have to do that by listening to your heart instead of everyone around you, that is okay. (packer)

+ we need to be good, y'all. so so good. and kind, compassionate, respectful, understanding to all. we are commanded to. and we are trying to be like our Savior who is perfect in all those things, so why would we not? i have a problem with thinking and being not those things to people who are not good to other people. it's an issue. all relationships require work, so have the companionship of the Holy Ghost always. (christofferson, eyring, oaks)

+ pray for others. for everyone, but especially local missionaries, my friends on missions, and those currently being converted. i say that because we all are being converted, whether we are baptized or not! (nielsen)

+ more compassion! never lose faith. listen to your body & heart & mind & spirit. seek treatment and advice.  
so maybe i should go back to therapy... charity never faileth. (holland)

+ sharing the gospel should be easy because it's our life! make it simple, make is comfortable. by being myself, i should be sharing the gospel constantly. (ballard)

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