Monday, October 7, 2013


the hashtag & the actual meetings are both my favorite. i've been looking forward to the #twitterstake for weeks.

let me start by saying that i approached conference this weekend very differently than i did in april. and it was so interesting. it wasn't a conscious decision, but i do know it was inspired because i got more out of these meetings for myself than i think i ever have. 

in april, the so-called mormon feminist "movement" was beginning to manifest itself to the public. i decided that in addition to my normal notes, i was going to make a list of things that maybe rubbed me the wrong way or that i didn't understand during conference so i could work through them later. i did, and it was incredible. i learned so much. i'm still learning from those things. it was the moment i finally realized that i could have questions, and that questions were good. 

so yes, i consider myself a feminist. i mean, as women, aren't we all? however, moderation in all things.

so that was good. but i noticed that i still felt a little angsty. i think it was a mix of where i was (physically, mentally, spiritually) and me trying to figure out how that fit into the Church/serving with other members who feel very differently than i.

anyway, when elder hales was the first speaker saturday morning and he spoke about modern scripture & revelation and that was EXACTLY what we discussed in sunday school and fhe last week & what i've been thinking about pretty much nonstop for the last 6 days, 

i knew i had to put it into practice right that second. for all four sessions (still have to get to relief society/priesthood), i only wrote down my feelings & any personal revelation i had for me, on the topic.

no quotes (i could get them from twitter later, duh), no stories or lists, nothing that would seem so obvious to record.

and y'all, it was easy. and it was amazing. i maybe wrote less, but it means more and i will actually understand when i go back to read my notes. it seems almost silly now. shouldn't i have been doing this all along? i can read more later, but i always want to remember how i feel in the moment.

i'm so grateful for both of these experiences this year. 
they were both worked, because i learned something.

and learning is good!

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